The Fun of Learning Funk GuitarLessons

When you think about funk GuitarLessons its hard not to think about Nile Rodgers and some guitarist like those who played with the Funk band called T Connection in the 70s there were so many groovy rhythms around and they were produced by funk guitarist. I managed to find a recording of this song on youtube Boogie boogie This is a simple funk track but the feel of the rhythm is awesome. I can recall myself when I was in my 20s dancing to this track trying to be able to work out a few dance moves which would blend in with the song.
Another good example again found on youtube is a song called Do What you Want to Do the guitarist who played on this track did some great funk guitaring in both lead & rhythm. Although there is not to much funk rhythm guitaring on this track, what parts that are played are played with great feel, the guitarist utilized some very original guitar sounds, one of the sounds which they used makes the guitar sound like a synth, this sound later became a trademark in many funk songs. One has to remember that most funk music was structured heavily around Bass, Drums & guitar(s)..
Modern bands like Franz Ferdinand owe huge amounts of allegiance to black funk musicians for the sound which they produce today. They use several funk rhythm guitar playing techniques in many for their songs which are rhythm patterns which used many times before on various funk records, the only difference with Franz Ferdinand is they used a different sound. If you wish to learn how to be become a good funk guitarist we can teach you here at the funk GuitarLessons.