Private GuitarLessons

Why not try our private GuitarLessons which has been has complied over a long period of time, the idea is to teach students the techniques which allow any guitarist to have the ability to play many different styles of great music. If you have had a Guitar lying around for sometime but you can only manage to squeeze out just a few chords, and that no matter how much time goes by your playing is the same as it was ten years ago then the private classes can help you.
We concentrate on bettering your ability as well making you feel relaxed before any exercises are given, once this is out of the way then having private tuition can be fun. As the Guitar can cover a broad range of music its nice if you have an idea what type of guitar music takes your fancy this willow me to put you on the right track at your private class.
It can be you are lacking skills in the way you hold the guitar and this prevents you from making clean chord changes, the correct fingering on the fretboard can simply your approach making all your chord changes become easier with practice. Often private classes is the best way forward, one of the worst things is learning in a group and you hold the class up as you’re a slower learner, this type of atmosphere can leave the student feeling embarrassed and discourage them to continue, if you decide to go private you’ll never encounter such an experience in any lesson.
You make like to play with nylon strings common on the Spanish and Classical guitar, those liking the sound of the electric guitar or fold guitar will like the sound of a steel strung guitar.Our goal is teach beginners or advanced students. You may like the style of a guitarist from a certain band and wish to learn their style, this is a very common practice at private teaching and if you are serious about bettering your technique be it arpeggios improvisation or long solo breaks the styles we teach are blues, bluegrass, country, flamenco, jazz, jota, mariachi, reggae, rock, soul, and many forms of pop and anything else you can think of. It’s all happening here.