Music theory for the guitar

At Music theory for the guitar goes beyond a few chords, knowing a few scales, and being able to take a few lead breaks which sound well. If you wish to further your understanding of the guitar you should consider learning music theory for guitar? This can increase your playing ability in every respect. Any person serious about wanting to learn to play the guitar should learn theory.
The rewards will open so many doors for you. One nice advantage is being able to play music unavailable anywhere else but in music notation. Music theory helps you understand how things work and how you can apply this to different styles of music. Many great guitarists such as Brian Setzer from the stray cats studied a lot of music theory for guitar and this has helped him establish himself as when of the all time great guitarist
We understand just how important music theory is therefore we always teach it to those wanting to broaden their guitar knowledge. You could be into the trying to read the notes from the treble clef, or perhaps the bass clef, it could be flat notes or sharps we explain how it all works as well as when and where to apply the theory. Our GuitarLessons School covers every detail in Music Theory.
Learning fast ways to read music notation is also taught, by mastering the concepts we teach you will have huge credibility, as well as choice, and make your services more in demand, as a good site reader always has the edge over a person who cannot read music.
A great asset would be to buy the book site reading for guitarist written by Tommy Tedesco, if you read this book and study the advice given inside of it you’ll have more site reading skills than over 95% of guitarist you could also try Ted Greene on book search. The time you put into those two books will pay off as well as increase your music theory for the guitar.