Joe Pass Guitar Method

Joe Pass is a master of Jazz chords his technical guitar method has captured interest from people all over the world, especially his duet recordings with vocalist Ella Fitzgerald.
Have you ever seen a guitarist play and when you look at him he seems to be doing really little but in reality he has changed around 20 chords? A great example of this playing is Pass, he was a great chordal player and when he played guitar chords he made them look easy. This Guitar Improvisation illustrates Pass’s understanding of Music Theory for the Guitar obviously came with years of practice as well as experience.
Here are on YouTube is good example of the Pass guitar method he is also doing some fast chord changes yet doing so he does it very subtle. I once bought his Book to learn some of his chord inversions I can recall this book very well, it was blue and it came with a plastic record which had Joe playing some wonderful blues jazz chord changes, this a prime example of his guitar method which is still so popular well after his death.
I can recall the excellent innovator of the guitar Stanley Jordan calling Pass the one handed piano player:) he called him this as he thought his guitar method did not give a full enough expression as a guitarist playing alone with a singer or doing a chord solo, and if you listen to Stanley play you will understand why.
Pass played with Ella Fitzgerald on many occasions and in doing so Pass illustrated great comping skills as well great single note soling something which Pass did often and this later became trademarks of the guitar method used by Pass.
Let Jazz be your food for thought.