GuitarLessons for Kids

So many people want to try GuitarLessons for Kids has always caught the eye many young kids, it’s not unusual to see them mimicking there favourite guitarist with a virtual guitar, however that mimicking of the guitar can turn to reality, you as a kid can actually learn how to play the guitar, you can also to understand some groovy chord changes, some nice lead guitar work, including folk finger picking, in fact we can teach you anything you wish to learn.
Kids have progressed well over the years following the way we teach them to play and we pride ourselves on having this kind of success with teaching kids the guitar. If you want to be able to play the guitar on any level we have courses that will suite you. Kids are often in need of a teacher who can show them a simple formula which allows them to learn and progress relatively quickly is always inspiring.
We are ready to teach children no matter what their level of playing is, we also teach in any style; yes this does include the acoustic and electric guitar. First and foremost is all students need to relax and be honest with their ability. GuitarLessons for Kids taught Pat Stevens some Paul Weller guitar riffs I’ve taught children who were as young as 4 years old.
I started teaching the child some simple chords and as soon as he was comfortable to make clean chord changes I showed him how he could make the chords work with a few songs, this was most appealing to the kid and he felt that he was getting better with each lesson as well as he was familiarizing himself more and more with the notes on the guitar, as a teacher hearing such things is most encouraging. If you’re a kid and you have a passion for playing the guitar then you really should check out my GuitarLessons for kids.